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  • Each date reflects the sale price: July 1 = $1, July 9 = $9, July 22 = $22, etc. Every day has a different sale.

  • Supplies are limited, so if you want something, be sure to grab it!

  • The best way to catch a deal is to hop on the site at 12pm CST or follow our Instagram page @kimlebeaucolors. We will post live notices on our stories what the deal is at 8am CST.

  • Shipping is free anywhere in the USA and $12 outside.

    • NOTE: All orders from this daily sale will be shipped at the end of July to allow for multiple orders to be shipped together. If you'd like me to go ahead and mail it to you sooner, just send me a message!​

  • One daily deal per person! With limited supply, this allows others to be able to access affordable paints! If a daily deal is accidentally added to your cart more than once, that's okay! Your order will be automatically canceled and you will receive a full refund for all but one.

  • Have fun with the extra money you saved and new supplies! I really take pride in my work and would love to see your work as well. Please share with me any art created with KL Colors so I can be so proud of you. <3

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