The Ocean City Collection

The Ocean City Collection is a beautiful array of colors that bring to mind shoreside visits with salty beach hair, satisfying sun sleepiness, warm sand and boardwalk shopping. Curated for Heather Henry's beloved city, it boasts gorgeous colors from their deepest hues to their lightest values. 


Ocean City Beach Patrol (Blue)

Sunset (Red Orange)

Dune Grass (Sage Lime Green)

Wonderland (Pink Red)

Caramel Corn (Gold)

Tidal Pool (Light Turquoise)


Each batch of our artisanal paints are hand mulled until smooth in small batches. We use a glass slab and both natural and synthetic pigments. No fillers or additives are ever used in our colors.


Colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings.

The Ocean City Collection


    All digital downloads contain a .zip file that has a PDF of the entire book and a separate folder containing Procreate files. If other files are needed, please contact me. Thank you!